A Cloudy Morning with Swathy, Aadhi, and the Fluffiest Photobomber

Picture this: a breezy, cloudy Saturday morning at Besant Nagar Beach. I arrived early, waiting for Swathy and Aadhi.
They finally arrived, full of smiles and energy. Swathy looked stunning, and Aadhi’s casual style was on point. The overcast sky gave everything a soft glow, perfect for photos.
Just as we got into the groove, Rohith, a fluffy cloud-like puppy, joined us. His fur matched Swathy's clothes perfectly, making him look like a little fluffy angel. Swathy and Aadhi couldn’t stop laughing, and neither could I. Rohith stole the show.
We also got some hilarious shots with the local crows, curious dogs, and beachgoers who unintentionally joined our shoot. It was a true Besant Nagar Beach experience!
We wrapped up because Swathy started feeling sleepy.
Swathy and Aadhi, thanks for letting me capture your love story—and for letting Rohith and the rest of Bessy Beach crash the party. Here's to more breezy, cloudy mornings and fewer surprise guest stars!
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